My name is Stephanie Burns, I have been preserving special moments since 2008 when I graduated with my AAS in Photography!  My style is best described as a combination of artistic vision and modern portraiture.  It's perfect for those seeking something that is as unique as they are.  I have created a system where I work with my clients from start to finish, and they have full say in the style and poses.  I believe pictures are like trying on clothing, one size doesn't fit all.  When I opened my business I was strictly photographing portraits and large events.  Weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvah, Sweet 16, Sour 17, Engagements, Family Portraits, Senior Portraits, and that's just to name a few.  In 2016 I began taking on more digital marketing assignments, and now do that Monday - Thursday.  However Friday - Sunday, I am working on photography assignments, and couldn't be happier!


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Weddings & Engagements

Wedding photography in Buffalo, NY!  Wedding photography Rochester, NY!  Surrounding areas and destination.  I truly have a special place in my heart for wedding photography.  Every couple is unique, every wedding is a new celebration of love and commitment.  It is a chance for me to capture special moments that represent the romance between my clients and the people they love.  I love learning what style they find most appealing, and making it fit with their actual style.  Contact me, and we can discuss your special day!  Be sure to include your wedding date, ceremony time (and location), and reception time (and location).




I have a soft spot for weddings, and an even softer spot for maternity and children.  Soon to be parents always love looking back on the joy they experienced as they waited for their child/children to arrive!  Before the session we will come up with ideas to personalize your session.  Whether it's matching poses from your wedding day, or coming up with new ones based on items recently acquired.  Don't forget to bring baby blankets, books, or anything you want to look back on to these sessions.  I am also happy to photograph the actual nursery as well.  Contact me today to learn more!  Maternity portraits in Buffalo, NY!  Maternity portraits in Rochester, NY!  Surrounding areas and destination.



Whether I met you and your spouse at your wedding consultation, or am just meeting you for the first time... It is clear I love children!  Generally I allow a little more time with them because let's face it, they need it.  Sometimes they need a snack break or a little more direction.  Other times they like showing me their favorite spots in the park.  Just make sure everyone dresses in outfits that follow a theme.  If you are bringing props, make sure they are clean and photo ready.  Call or email today to learn more.  Child portraits in Buffalo, NY!  Child portraits in Rochester, NY!  Surrounding areas and destination


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